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Are you in a rut? Unsure how to properly implement weight training throughout the week to avoid over/under working muscle groups and ensure you are following a balanced  routine? Do you dread having to come up with your own workout plan each day? Does a coach + community of like-minded people help hold you accountable to your fitness goals?

If you answered yes to any of the above -  this option is for YOU!

The first program available - an 8 Week Strength Program launching 9/1 - is perfect to complete at home or the gym. The only equipment truly necessary are dumbbells, but barbell options will be given as well for various exercises.

Sent out in both excel and PDF format, this easy to follow program will include 5 workouts each week - for a total of 40! - that will progress each week to increase your strength and muscle mass. Each week will include 2 lower body and 3 upper body workouts to allow you to train daily without fear of overtraining or overuse injury.

In addition to the program, you will be invited to join the Train with Taylor Strength Group on Facebook. This group will allow you to connect with fellow members of the community, ask me any questions you have, as well as various tips + tricks as you progress through the program.

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