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Monday routine.

You hear it all the time - "Never Miss A Monday", "Monday Motivation", "The perfect day to start X workout/diet/routine". We're all guilty of it. In reality, we all know that ANY day of the week is just as feasible to make a change in our lives. Still, there's something about the idea of a fresh start that makes Monday the perfect opportunity to jump start our health journeys. I've had a few people ask what my routine for a successful start to the week is, so I thought I would share!

My key to a great Monday actually starts on Sunday. No matter how much you may have overindulged over the weekend, make sure you drink a TON of water, move your body, and get to bed early. My Sunday consisted of 100+ oz of water (necessary), a 45 minute ride on the Peloton to break a good sweat, and getting to bed by 10pm. My skincare routine, a weighted sleep mask, and a guided sleep mediation are the perfect recipe for an amazing night's rest for me.

Fast forward to Monday morning, and my alarm goes off at 6:30 am. I head downstairs with the pups, pour a nice big cup of coffee, and prepare for the 7am Strength + HIIT class. This face roller + eye patches (shoutout to The Vanity Bar) are an integral part of my morning routine - they wake my face up with a nice chill from being stored in the fridge, and de-puff any areas that are troubling me.

The 7am class shows up and crushes per usual, and I make the most of my hour in between classes to get another quick bike ride in. 45 minutes of fasted cardio is one of my favorite ways to kick off the week. 9am comes for 45 minutes of Arms + Abs (today was a killer back + biceps day), and by 10 am it's finally time for breakfast. You all probably know I am OBSESSED with my air fryer, and use it almost daily. Today was a combo of bell peppers (check out my IG for my pepper cutting hack), onions, my fav chicken sausage, an egg, avocado, and everything but the bagel seasoning. A nutritious meal full of veggies, protein + healthy fat gives me sustained energy for HOURS.

Like I mentioned this past weekend, I am starting the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's (IIN) Health Coach program. That began today, so I spent the next few hours back in school - but this was SO much more fun. I cannot wait to begin to share everything that I am learning with all of you! It is SUCH a well rounded program, and focuses on creating enjoyable, sustainable healthy habits.

Learning, laundry (where I accidentally started the washing machine with my phone INSIDE it - oops!!!) + cleaning the house brought me through to a quick & easy lunch today. I wasn't SUPER hungry (thanks to that bomb breakfast), but knew I would need some fuel for the back + biceps lift I was planning to get in this afternoon. Plain Greek yogurt, berries, and my favorite clean granola are quick go to of mine. It is grain free, sweetened with honey, and contains coconut oil vs a more highly processed oil. I find it at Costco!

Speaking of lifting, I try to incorporate 5 days a week of strength training - I feel stronger, leaner, and overall just better when I prioritize strength training over endless amounts of cardio. That said - however you truly enjoy moving your body is what you will stick with in the long do that! Any activity is ALWAYS better than no activity.

Monday's are always a day I try to incorporate a little extra self care, so I usually go to my chiropractor this day. A good adjustment always leaves me feeling more balanced overall - body aches, sleep, fatigue all improve.

I was planning on waiting until Stephen got home from work to lift with him - a little date night sweat is always a fun time, and we were both motivated by the activity challenge we started today with our Apple Watches. If you need a little kick in the booty to find some motivation - start one of these. Especially if you're will do the trick! Alas, I got impatient and started without him. Oops - sorry, honey.

Dinner tonight was a standard for this household. S went with a protein shake post lift, and I made a 2 minute taco bowl. I always have chicken prepped in the fridge for an easy protein, and added spinach, raw fajita veggies, guac, and mango salsa. SUPER easy, yummy, and healthy.

Now off to snuggle up with my pups and a good book, a face mask, and head to bed early so I'm well rested for the 6:15 crew tomorrow morn! If you want to join us, you can book it here :)

I would LOVE to hear how you spent your Monday, and what helps you start the week off on a good note! Drop your favorite tips + routines in the comments below!

Have a fabulous week,

-Coach Tay

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